As I remember it....


     A few years back when I was the Executive Producer of a live variety television program in Tampa, we had a fun loving camera operator by the name of Scott Ginnamin working for us. Scott was busy working several jobs at once and so was perpetually late to our show. When he arrived he would often blast open the door he came in from; much in the same way that Kramer used to enter Jerry's apartment on Seinfeld.

     One day we had the Amazing Kreskin on the show. He's the mentalist/psychic that always used to appear on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and part of his schtick was that he could predict things and find stuff in the room without any help.

     On this particular day Kreskin and his people had arrived early and hungry, so the good folks from Busch Gardens set them up in our Green Room with lunch. Unfortunately the Green Room door was also the way our crew entered the studio, and you guessed it - when Scott blasted open the door Kreskin's lunch went flying all over him and his people.

     After a quick clean up Kreskin did the show and all went well. Then while the crew was hanging out after the showing talking, Scott broke out one of the all time funniest lines in the history of the show: "If Kreskin is so damn amazing - then how come he didn't know I was coming?"


Rest in Peace Scott - you are not forgotten.....                         Aug. 2012